Link Popularity: Penalty Free Approach & Implementation

Link Popularity : Know all about it.

Link Popularity is an Imperative factor for any website to rank well in
different SERP’s. Link from a high Page Rank(PR) website is pure gold, it makes
your website highly Authoritative & valued. In return the Search Engine will
award you by resulting you as a best match for a particular niche and the search
term, believing that, you have the most relevant, unique & useful content for
your visitors.
Link Popularity not only help in receiving quality traffic, it also improve your
PR & ranking’s in SERP’s. It shows how good you are, compared to your
competitors in aspect of providing relevant, fresh & useful content to your

“More important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites”

So become important, and the only way to do that, is work on your content.
Without Quality Content, Link Popularity is impossible. Find the way to make it
compelling, unique, and fresh, so that people will love you for the content on
your website and start following you everywhere in Internet. Content creativity
is the term which you might be digging into. Even a boring topic can be
transformed into a viral hot topic on the web. You just need to see it in a
different way, you’ll get plenty of ideas to flip it into an entertaining

Nowadays, the trend has been changed completely. Today, people completely rely
on search engines, they search everything in Google & other Search Engine’s
using their smartphones, tablets & computers to get relevant and useful answers
quickly and if you want to be the first to answer those search queries, then you
need to make sure that your website and it’s content is the best option for them
to look around.

You need to prove yourself best, among all of your competitors, by getting links
from high PR websites. This will help you get on top of the SERP’s. This process
of proving yourself is all about link popularity.

Creating and hosting a website with awesome content, submitting it to Google,
Yahoo & other Search Engines can’t provide you quality traffic. Surviving in
such situation is very difficult without getting links from other same niche
quality website’s. In order to rank on the first page your website should have a
decent CTR and that too without Bounce Rate. Now, for CTR you need to work on
“Link Earning”, where Bounce Rate is totally depends on your Content Relevancy
and it’s Quality to attract your visitors to read more or do something; one more
valuable step on your website which really decides your ranking. If anyhow you
managed to rank on the 1st page of Google and people are just bouncing off from
your page, then very soon your page will be no longer available on the first 3

Hence, publishing great & awesome content and making relevant contacts is the
only key to success in the web-world.

Once you managed to get some backlinks from high PR websites; just enough to
beat your competitors, with unique and fresh content, Google’s pagerank formula
will award you for this by ranking your page at the topmost position in the 1st
page of Google. However, social media platforms too can make a huge difference
at your initial stage of Link Popularity.
The only thing you need to make sure while applying your link popularity
strategy is; exchange links only with the relevant & high PR web sites. Link
from a low PR websites considered to be spam by Google. Low PR & irrelevant
linking may lead your website to get penalized. Hence, it’s very important to
take a special care for your Link Popularity campaign.

Link popularity is a very broad term, lets dig deeper to get more insights. Link
Popularity can be split up into two separate categories and they are:
Outbound Links
Inbound Links
Outbound Links are those links which are pointing to other websites from your
website’s pages.

Inbound Links are those links which are pointing to your website from different
other website’s pages.

In both scenarios, the only important factor is, content relevancy and quality
of the website. You have to be very selective while exchanging links, as lower
quality & irrelevant back-links can really hurt your website’s ranking.

How many outbound links can be used per page?
Now, before assuming anything, let’s see what Matt Cutts thinks about the same

“The short answer is; really not to worry about it, or not to limit yourself to
100 links any-more. But at the same time, it is quite useful to pull in a
regular user and just do a very simple user test and just make sure that, they
don’t view it as strange or spamming or that you’re stuffing a ton of links on
the page and as long as you, sort of, meet those kinds of criteria, then it’s
not the sort of thing what I would stress out a lot about.”

Which means, as long as you are publishing your content including lots of links
in a useful way from the user’s perspective, and your content adds value to
them, you do not need to worry about how many links you are embedding to the
page content. You can add links to your page as much as you want, but it should
add value to the content and do not impose absurdness.

Tips : While applying links to your page you need to be very careful because if
you have 100 links, your Page Rank will get divided by 100; if you have 1000
links then the Page Rank will get divided by 1000. So if you have a huge amount
of links, the amount of Page Rank flowing out on each individual link can become
very, very small.

Hence, the safe and simple approach while working on your link popularity
strategy is; be natural, think yourself as a visitor of your website, and do not
stuff links to your content; you will definitely get fruitful results and
amazing ideas to attract them.

Check out this awesome video by Matt Cutts.

Now, what about Inbound Links?
Think about inbound links, as a votes from other websites who are voluntarily
linking to your website, because of your website’s unique content, relevancy and

Links are like respect; you can’t buy it, you have to earn it. If you got a huge
number of links in a very short period of time, Google smart bots will view it
as a suspicious “link exchange activity” as it’s not usual to get a huge amount
of votes in any short period of time;they will have a closer look at your link
exchange behaviour.

However, you do not need to worry. If you got those votes/inbound links
naturally from high PR websites, then you’ll get awarded for that in SERP’s. You
can have as many numbers of inbound links until they are from natural ways, from
real people who are willingly agreed to pass you quality link juice.

Relevant and natural links always nourishes the relationship between websites.
It simplifies the user experience and provide useful and adequate information.
Google continuously trying to beautify the searching experience for all Googlers
around the globe, so that they find relevant results and useful contents

What is the Google’s Page Rank Formula and how exactly it works?(The below
demonstration of Page Rank Formula will help you understand how important is
“link popularity” at the granular level of Google algorithm, where Googlebots
decides our position in a fraction of second)

Google’s theory about the Page Rank formula is very straightforward and crystal
clear; they say’s “every link is a vote”. Value for any vote depends on the Page
Rank of that page from where you are receiving the vote. Higher the PR, more
valuable the vote.

Now, let’s have a look at the formula:
Let’s say Page A has n number of Inbound Links represented by the letter T, and
n number of Outbound links represented by the letter C.

So, the formula for finding page rank(PR) of page A will be:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))

PR(T1) – Page rank of T1 page

C(T1) – The count/number of outgoing links from T1 page.

d(….. – All these fractions of votes are added together but, to stop the other
pages having too much influence, this total vote is “damped down” by multiplying
it by 0.85(which is the “d” factor)(1 – d) – The (1 – d) bit at the beginning is
a bit of probability math magic so the “sum of all web pages’ Page Ranks will be
one”: it adds in the bit lost by the d(…. It also means that if a page has no
links to it (no back-links) even then it will still get a small PR of 0.15 (i.e.
1 – 0.85). (Aside: the Google paper says “the sum of all pages” but they mean
the “the normalised sum” – otherwise known as “the average” to you and me.

Points to Note Down:
Links from a page to itself, or multiple outbound links from one single page to
another single page are ignored.
Initial value for each page is 0.25 according to the probability distribution
between 0 and 1.
For example; if the only links in the system were from pages B,C and D to A,
each link would transfer 0.25 page rank to A upon the next iteration, for a
total of 0.75.

i.e : PR(A) = PR(B) +PR(C)+PR(D)

Now, lets assume B has a link to 2 pages C and A,
page C has a link to page A
& page D has links to all 3 Pages.

In first iteration, page B will transfer half of its existing value to C and A,
which is 0.25/2 = 0.125

Page C will transfer 0.25 to page A, as it is linking to a single page A

Page D will transfer 1/3rd of it’s existing value, as it is linking to all other
3 pages A,B & C. Which is PR(D)/3 = 0.25/3 = 0.083.

In the above example, I took a very small universe of 4 web pages. However,it’s
quite difficult to calculate PR in real time with trillions of pages online.

I think, now you understand how page rank formula works and how much important
it is to improve your link popularity for long term SEO Success.

How to improve your link popularity?
A website which has high PR, carries most valuable content and opportunities to
link others too. Link popularity is a lifetime long task and everyone love to
see it increasing and trending up. It is wise to create great and compiling
content and then approach to them, and believe me if your content is better than
other’s, they would love to link to your page.

Hence, first you should find high PR websites in your niche and start
interacting with them. Before pitching them with your content or info-graphics,
make sure that you are not alien to them.

I mean, first you should make yourself noticeable by regularly following them in
social networking websites and their blog’s comment section. Interact with them
and show your expertise in that particular niche, so they will notice you as a
regular interested visitor who always interacts in a good manner. Comment on
each blog post of them and appreciate their work and impress them with your

By this way, you will be able to gain 100% natural back-links for your website,
which will boost your website’s visibility in SERP’s.

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